Colors Magic Garden

This enchanted place lies on the banks of a crystal clear mountain spring, at the entrance of a pristine forest along a path that will take you to experience unique moments surrounded by nature, away from everything and everyone, but a stone’s throw from the village.

Beyond the Acquabianca River, passing into another dimension on a walkway made of stones and grass, it is the Colors Magic Garden.

Even today, you will find there a small farm, which belongs to the grandfather of Alessandro, a truly unique person – taciturn but with a big heart.

Inspired by the purity and the great imagination of children, Alessandro began to paint fences and old wooden doors and decided to give a colorful touch to old furniture while renovating and restoring it. Children can have fun with their parents playing balancing games, jumping in the hay and touching the sky with their feet while playing on a swing.

In the Colors Magic Garden, each little guest will leave a sign of their presence, awaiting the arrival of the next little guest. The Colors Magic Garden offers you some basic hands-on experiences on how to cultivate the land, optimize its resources and learn to use lunar and planetary rhythms.


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