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The home Of Alessandro and his cat Nerone, his trusted companion, whose pleasant presence will make you feel a welcome guest.

Alessandro has always been a wanderer, a dreamer and a creative person.

Deeply attached to his beloved village of Gorfigliano, in 2014, he acquired a historic house made of stone and wood and has kept it in its natural state up to this day, with a 100 years of stories to tell.

With the help of his mother Rosita and father Bruno, as well as skilled artisans and volunteers from around the world, he has created Casa Figaro.

After welcoming more than 500 guests, Casa Figaro has turned into a cozy getaway ready to invite and receive families, groups of friends, sportsmen and artists. This is a truly magic house with a special soul that will help you rediscover family values.

Connecting with people through fun and play, you will also rediscover the pleasure of dining together and relishing Tuscan specialties, sipping wine while chatting in front of the fireplace or enjoying a good book in the silence of Casa Figaro’s walls.

Casa Figaro is also open to those wishing to spend a holiday while walking and hiking in the mountains, visiting natural reservoirs, mysterious canyons, enchanted woods full of mushrooms and blueberries, the most renowned marble quarries in the world, the phantom waterfall and other typical beauties of the place.

This is a space dedicated to artists where they can create and exhibit their works.

Alessandro will always greet you with a smile, and the light in his eyes will ignite you with the love and passion for this land.


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